what is your aquarium goal

Happy New Year 2018

How is everything progressing with your aquarium or aquariums?

Do you have an aquarium goal for 2018?

If you’re just starting out, perhaps your goal is to establish a thriving tank? If you’ve had success with fish, maybe you want to try your hand at growing corals?Already good with softies? Maybe now is a good time to try some more challenging corals?

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your knowledge this year and do some more learning or subscribe to a new magazine, like CORAL.

What is your aquarium goal for 2018? Please leave a comment below and help encourage our goal-setting commenters.

what is your aquarium goal


  1. My goal is. I have A 90 gallon reef tank and I have purchased a 135 gallon and I am so nervous to switch tanks as the new tank needs to go where the old tank is so need to do it all in a Weekend. So my goal is to get that done get my new refugium up and running without losing anything. Scared to death to do this but going to try.

  2. My goals are installing my water barrels for auto RODI, as well as ATO and AWC on both of my tanks. Then i’ll be upgrading my 150 gallon to a 300+ in early spring.
    Then its time to take a break and just buy some coral!

  3. My goal is to design and install a RODI system . Also a computer control system for both my tanks. Transition to the new ATI testing system and to learn to use a dosing system to support my sixty gallon tank. Also I plan to get my Neon Dottyback use to my new tank mate, which is a six line wrasse. I have a plan for this and I hope that it will work, more on this later.

  4. Why switch Barb, when you should be thinking of running two tanks instead of one. Does it have to be one tank only? BELIEVE ME, THERE ARE LOTS OF ADVANTAGES IN KEEPING TWO TANKS.
    Initially when I started, I had one tank. But after some years, one evening, for some reason, the tank gave way and flooded my living room. I was lucky that the fish shop that I frequented was still open and I had to quickly collect all the corals and whats left of the fishes and temporarily put them all up at the shop.

    Since then, I started to keep two tanks until today, so that in case something happens to one, I can still transfer everything to the other especially during the wee hours of the night.

    Think about it, there also lots of other advantages in keeping 2 tanks. You can even have one fish only tank and the other for corals, if you want to keep non reef-safe fishes. You will be open to a lot of options.

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