Best saltwater fish for a 90-gallon tank

Best Saltwater Fish for a 90-gallon tank

A 90-gallon tank is a suitably sized tank to host a large variety of saltwater fish, but it is not large enough to host every reef aquarium species.

Let’s dive a bit deeper and explore the best saltwater fish for a 90-gallon tank.

Saltwater fish that need 90-gallons as a minimum tank volume

Every aquarium fish on your list has a specific minimum volume of water or tank space to be healthy. Selecting a tank that is 90-gallons or larger doesn’t unlock a whole lot of additional fish vs. the 75-gallon tank, but it will help you unlock a few of the most desirable 8-inch and smaller tang species and several more of the Reef-safe wrasses and Fairy Wrasses:

  • 8-inch Tang species (Yellow, Convict, Mimic) – all of these are with caution appropriate around 90-gallons
  • Reef-safe Wrasses and Fair Wrasses (Exquisite, Mystery, Bluehead, Katherine’s, Scott’s)

Don’t forget these other popular fish with a 75-gallon minimum:

  • Bristletooth tangs (Kole, Tomini, Squaretail, Two-spot)
  • Dwarf Angelfish (Flame, Coral Beauty, Bicolor, and more)
  • Anthias (Lyretail, Dispar)
  • Basslets (Tobacco, Harlequin)
  • Soldierfish

Read more about the best fish for a 75-gallon tank here

A list of the 92 Best saltwater fish for a 90-gallon tank:

  • Reef Safe Wrasses: Mystery, Exquisite, Bluehead, Scotts, Katherine’s, Carpenter’s, Fairy, McCosker’s Melanurus, Yellow Coris, Sixline,
  • Tangs: Yellow, Convict, Mimic, Kole, Tomini, Two-spot Bristletooth, Squaretail Bristletooth,
  • Dwarf Angelfish: Flame angel, Coral Beauty, Bi-color, Pygmy/Cherub, Flameback, Lemonpeel, Rusty, Red Stripe,
  • Antias: Lyretail, Dispar
  • Reef safe wrasses: Carpenter’s, Lubbock’s Fairy, Melanurus, Yellow Coris, McCosker’s, Sixline
  • Marine betta
  • Dwarf lionfish: Fuzzy dwarf, Dwarf Zebra, Fu Manchu, or Monbasa
  • Filefish: Aiptasia-eating
  • Blenny: Tailspot, Two spot, Canary, Midas, Striped, Harptail or Smith’s
  • Cardinalfish: Banggai, Yellow, Pajama, or Longfin
  • Cleaner goby: Neon, Yellow line, Shark nose, or Hybrid
  • Clownfish: Tomato, Cinnamon, Maroon, Clarkii, Spotcinctus, Ocellaris, Percula, Orange skunk or Pink skunk
  • Chromis: Blue-green or Blue Reef
  • Dartfish: Firefish, Purple firefish, Zebra, Scissortail orHelfrichi
  • Pseudochrois: Orchid or Neon
  • Fairy Basslet: Royal gramma, Blackcap or Chalk basslet
  • Fancy goby: Clown, Two spot, Yasha or Court jester
  • Hawkfish: Flame, Longnose, or Falco
  • Puffer: Saddle Valenti (if fish only)
  • Soldierfish: Squirrelfish
  • Damselfish: Azure, Blue, Blue Devil, Bluefin, Blue Velvet, Domino, Three-stripe, Four-stripe, Yellowtail
A few of the Best Saltwater Fish for a 90-gallon tank

A table of the 92 Best Saltwater Fish for a 90-gallon aquarium (scroll to see the whole table)

92 Best Saltwater Fish for a 90-Gallon Tank Options:                
Tangs Yellow Eye Kole Tomini Squaretail Bristletooth Two-spot Bristletooth Yellow Convict Mimic    
Dwarf Angels Bi-color Cherub Coral Beauty Flame Flameback Lemon peel Red Stripe Rusty  
Anthias Lyretail Dispar              
Reef safe wrasses Carpenter’s Lubbock’s Fairy McCosker’s 6 Line Melanurus Yellow Coris Christmas    
Wrasses (continued) Exquisite Mystery Bluehead Scott’s Katherine’s        
Marine Bettas Comet                
Dwarf lionfish Fuzzy Zebra Fu Manchu Monbasa          
Filefish Aiptasia-eating                
Blennies Tailspot 2 Spot Canary Midas Striped Harptail Smith’s    
Cardinalfish Banggai Yellow Pyjama (Pajama) Long-fin          
Cleaner goby Neon Yellowline Sharknose Hybrid          
Clownfish Cinnamon Clarkii Maroon Ocellaris Orange Skunk Percula Pink Skunk Tomato P. Skunk
Chromis Blue-green Blue reef              
Dartfish Firefish Purple Helfrichi Zebra Scissortail        
Pseudochromis or Dottybacks Neon Orchid              
Fairy Basslets Blackcap Chalk Royal Gramma Tobacco Harlequin        
Goby (other) Clown Court Jester Two-spot Yasha Yellow Watchman        
Hawkfish Falco Flame Longnose            
Pufferfish Valenti                
Damselfish 3 Stripe 4 Stripe Azure Blue Blue Devil Blue Fin Blue Velvet Domino Yellowtail
Table of best saltwater fish for a 90-gallon tank

Typical 90-gallon tank dimensions

A 90-gallon tank is typically 48 inches long x 18 inches wide x 24 inches deep. That is nearly identical to the standard 75-gallon tank, except for the 3 extra inches of depth.

90 Gallon Tank Dimensions and weight
90 Gallon Tank Dimensions

How heavy is a 90-gallon aquarium?

A 90-gallon aquarium will weigh 160 pounds empty and over 1000 pounds when full.

How many saltwater fish for a 90-gallon tank?

For fish-only, the total number of saltwater fish you should keep in a 90-gallon tank is 23 or fewer. Further restricting the number to 15 or fewer will reduce maintenance and increase your chance of success with corals and other invertebrates.

See the list below for recommendations about how many of each type of fish you could keep together. Keep in mind that not every single combination below is compatible. You should double-check your combination once decided:

Best Saltwater Fish for a 90-Gallon Tank

Alternatively, you could set up a predator tank with the following:

Damselfish are another potential option–although they can be aggressive.

A few notes and caveats about compatibility across the best saltwater fish

There are a few caveats to the recommendations above.

  • Bluestreak cleaner wrasse technically has a 90-gallon tank minimum size, but they are really challenging to keep alive and are not fully recommended here.
  • Fairy Basslets and Pseudochromis dottybacks likely won’t get along together.
  • Dartfish are very mild-mannered, may not work with bold tank mates, best to be an early tank addition, if at all.
  • Select either the Fairy, Flasher, or Reef Safe wrasses, not each of them. They won’t play nicely together.
  • It is challenging to keep a shoal (>1) Chromis or (>2) Cardinalfish alive. For some reason (aggression), they tend to pick on each other until they dwindle in number.
  • Soldiers and Hawks may eat your mobile invertebrates (crabs, shrimp, snails, etc.)
  • I recommend starting with 1 of the Cleaner Gobies, although keeping a male/female pair is possible. If you have a pair, they’re easy to keep. However, if you need to establish a pair, be ready for some aggression between the fish of the same gender.

Equipment needed for a 90-gallon tank

  • Heater – a single 300-watt heater will work. 2 x 200-watts is even better. Consider connecting them via a WaveBird for an added layer of protection and Peace of Mind.
  • Protein skimmer – I recommend the Red Sea Skimmer. Read more here. The RSK-300 model or the RSK-600 are the two sizes to explore for a 90-gallon aquarium.
  • Reef tank lights —Aqua Illumination is one of the most popular brands. Radion has a reputation for being the best
  • Lid – Several saltwater fish listed here will jump out of tanks when startled. A tight-fitting lid is key or a screen that is sized exactly for your own tank dimensions
  • 1 or more Powerheads are needed to create life-sustaining water flow in the tank
  • Test kits – Water quality is so important—it pays to have the correct test kits

Other stocking options for your 90-gallon tank beyond saltwater fish

Flame angelfish in a 90-gallon saltwater aquarium
A Flame Angelfish is an excellent option for a 90-gallon saltwater tank

This article has primarily been about what fish are best for a 90-gallon tank, but there are undoubtedly other popular reef invertebrates you can and should consider adding to the tank with your beloved fish.

Here are a few other articles to help you start thinking through the rest of your stocking plan:

Some recommended reading beyond this immediate topic

Here are a few other essential articles to help you have success with your new saltwater tank:

Saltwater fish recommendations for a different sized aquarium

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Share your plans and leave a comment

After reading this article, what are your plans for your aquarium? Have you identified your livestock yet? Please leave a comment and let me know which of the 92 best saltwater fish for a 90-gallon tank you’re thinking about.

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