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Albert B. Ulrich III

Whether you are just thinking about taking the plunge into the saltwater aquarium hobby, or if you already have, you will want to learn from the experiences of others.

I hate to see newcomers to the hobby struggle with issues that I have already faced.

Saltwater Aquarium Blog is the space since 2009 where I have tried to capture the helpful advice, tips, articles, and stories that have framed my experiences in the hobby.

Sharing my mistakes

Another thing about Saltwater Aquarium Blog–you’ll learn a lot about what not to do! That’s because I make a lot of mistakes. After licking my wounds, I generally post about it.

Here’s one:

an okay method for removing bristles

Here’s another one:

About Saltwater Aquarium Blog:

My primary goal with Saltwater Aquarium Blog is to try and demystify some of the complexities of the saltwater aquarium hobby.  All too often, I hear people say how cool they think it would be to have a tank with fish and coral, but they either don’t know where to start or think it would be too hard to do. I also hear horror stories of people who jumped right into things without doing the necessary research or following the proper protocols (like cycling tanks or quarantining new additions).

My point is: this hobby shouldn’t be a mystery–and newcomers to the hobby shouldn’t be surprised by preventable, predictable negative experiences. So if I can share my experiences here, help spread the word about this rewarding hobby, and do that without boring you, that’s a plus. If I can get you to laugh every once in a while, then I will have accomplished something.

I know there are other saltwater aquarium blogs out there–and I am thankful that you took the time to stop here on your trip through the information superhighway.  You may be wondering what you can expect to see on this site.

  • The first place you may want to visit is the Saltwater Aquarium Blog Home Page, where you can find the latest blog posts and see what I’ve been writing about lately. Blog post topics include interesting or helpful tips, things I learned the hard way, aquarium news, book or product reviews and the occasional rant. I write a new post about once every week, so feel free to check back in when you’re online.
  • If you are looking specifically for articles about Saltwater Fish or Corals, I have created landing pages to help sort those topics into manageable chunks. You can see those pages by using the links in the top navigation bar.
  • If you are interested in breeding saltwater fish, or creating your own phytoplankton or rotifer cultures, check out the Saltwater Aquarium Blog Live Cultures page to learn how to start growing your own cultures at home.
  • The hobby has truly transformed over recent years–and a big reason for that is because of improvements in the technology of the equipment we use to support and maintain our marine environments. The Equipment Guide is a relatively newer addition to the site, but this is where you can find equipment info.
  • If you are browsing the site, feel free to check out the Newsletter page, where you can find out more information about the free weekly newsletter I send out every week.
  • What would a website be without a Resources tab? Well, it would be a perfectly fine website, sorry, that was a trick question–but on the Resources page of Saltwater Aquarium Blog, I have consolidated a series of links to other places for you to find more information about the hobby.

About the Author of Saltwater Aquarium Blog

about saltwater aquarium blog

I’m older now…

My name is Albert B. Ulrich. My friends call me Al or Big Al. I have been an aquarium hobbyist for almost 30 years and my articles have been published in the hobby magazines Aquarium Fish International and Aquariums USA, and online

I was on the board of directors of a local aquarium club, and I read and write about the hobby as much as I can. I have successfully bred the Banggai cardinalfish, common clownfish, and neon goby, and fragging corals is an obsession of mine–I guess the main theme there is propagation–if I can successfully propagate the animals, it feels like I’m doing things right.

The thing I find most fulfilling in this hobby is creating an environment where the animals thrive and reproduce. But I also don’t like to take myself too seriously, and I hope a little bit of that personality shows in my writing. I’m not really sure if it translates well to the written word–but I’m generally trying to joke around and have a good time.

Here’s an example–I’m a terrible artist:

Another funny fish comic with will and gill

For example, the picture to the left is a shot from a vacation several years ago (when I first started the blog).

this hobby shouldn’t be a mystery–and newcomers to the hobby shouldn’t be surprised by preventable, predictable negative experiences

My over-arching personal goal is to share what I learn. The good, the bad and the ugly. I don’t have all the answers, and I don’t do everything well. I have bad habits, I skip water changes more than I should and I like keeping things simple.

I also remember back to when I started this journey and wishing there was a place I could go to get some helpful information from a regular guy who has been there before–and Saltwater Aquarium Blog. I know my writing style won’t be for everyone, but I hope you’ll give it a chance.

About your role on Saltwater Aquarium Blog

You didn’t think I was going to give you some work to do, did you? But you do have a job here–or maybe it’s really a favor that I’m asking. Please take a look around, check out the articles and post your comments. Let me know what blog posts you like and what blog posts stink.

Tell me when I write something you hate and let me know when there is a topic you want to read more about. It can be lonely at times writing things and posting them, not knowing if anybody out there has even read them. It’s even lonelier when I get an email stating that someone commented on a post only to find it’s another spammer with a link to their fake handbags or whatever.

Haha, no guilt though, I’m just asking…if you’re out there…let me know you’re out there. I live for the comments.

Maintaining your privacy is important to me–feel free to check out the privacy policy.

Finally, the last thing I am going to ask you to do is:

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Thank you for stopping by, and please check back again to view future blog posts.  I hope to read a comment from you soon and receive that email saying another person subscribed to the newsletter, and that person is YOU.

Albert B Ulrich III

Written by Albert B. Ulrich III

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