Answers to 10 question popular saltwater fish quiz

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Here are the answers to the interactive quiz you just took.

Question # 1: Copperband butterflyfish

Learn more about the copperband butterflyfish.

Question # 2: Royal gramma

Related: Royal gramma care guide

Question # 3: Azure damselfish

The azure damselfish is one of the 20 most popular saltwater fish. See what other fish top that list here.

Question #4: Yellow tang

Related: Yellow tang care guide.

Question #5: Six line wrasse

Related: Six-line wrasse care guide.

Question # 6: Banggai cardinalfish

Related: Banggai cardinalfish care guide.

Question # 7: Black saddle filefish

Did you think this was the Saddle toby? If you did, you’re not alone. This Saddle toby mimic was trying to trick you so that you wouldn’t eat it.

Learn more about fish mimicry here.

Question # 8: Regal blue tang

Did you find Dory easily enough? Learn more about caring for the Blue tang in a saltwater aquarium here.

Question # 9: Lemonpeel angelfish

This gorgeous saltwater fish also has an imposter that looks quite similar. Learn more about this and other examples of mimicry here.

Question #10: Ocellaris clownfish

Related: Ocellaris clownfish care guide

Interested in learning about other saltwater fish that are not on this list?

Check out this list of all the Saltwater Aquarium Fish Care Guides here.


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