Top 5 Most Helpful Saltwater Aquarium You Tube Channels

Top 5 Most Helpful Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channels

Top 5 Most Helpful Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channels

Do you have a few minutes to surf? Are you looking for some how-to help, or maybe you’re thinking about a new aquarium DIY project? There’s no substitute for video to demonstrate certain topics. Unfortunately, I don’t have a face for video–I have a face for blogging, but that’s why I have compiled this list of The 5 Most Helpful Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channels. Have you seen any of these masters of video?


The King of DIY

Looking for a cool DIY project? Look no further than the King of DIY. In full disclosure, not all of the projects are appropriate for the saltwater hobby, but you’ll still find some really cool projects–like one of my favorite here:

Creating a water bridge. I need one of those.

HOW TO: aquarium water bridge

The King of DIY is a huge page that attracts a freshwater and saltwater audience, with about 230,000 subscribers and more than 43 million page views



It’s no secret, this guy knows his stuff. With more than 18,000 channel subscribers and more than 1,000,000 video views, Marc Levenson, from Melev’s reef has an informative and interesting channel that I strongly recommend you check out.

What captures my interest and supports the recommendation on this page is that Marc creates interesting stuff you can’t and won’t see on any other page.

Like one of his most popular videos here–the clownfish slide:

ClownTube Slide – Adding clownfish to an anemone with a big clear pipe

Marc is the only one to have made the top saltwater aquarium blogs and top saltwater aquarium YouTube posts. Great job, Marc, and thanks for all you do.


Tidal Gardens

The Tidal Gardens YouTube page is at the perfect intersection of eye candy andy helpful information. The videography is STUNNING. Yes. I wrote that in all caps. STUNNING. This is truly one of the best channels out there. There is no wonder the page has over 27,000 subscribers and more than 4 million views. I look forward to their updates and you should too.

Zoanthid Polyp Feeding


Mr. Saltwater Tank

Mr. Saltwater Tank has been around for a while. He started his page in 2009 (about the same time I started Saltwater Aquarium Blog), has more than 50,000 subscribers and over 11 million views.

A great video to start with, to get a feel for the helpful advice Mr. Saltwater Tank offers is with the video embedded below:

Tuning a protein skimmer

Tuning a Protein Skimmer

I also like that every now and then they sneak in a tongue and cheek joke.



BRS TV is produced by, a well-known name in the online saltwater aquarium dry goods space.  They literally have hundreds of videos and MILLIONS of views. They have a video for everything from how to start up a new reef tank to advanced techniques like carbon dosing .

I don’t know how these guys find time to run the Bulk Reef Supply online store, because they are absolutely killing it on Youtube, with nearly 90,000 subscribers and 19 million views!

BRS TV, for my money, is the #1 Most Helpful Saltwater Aquarium YouTube Channel. Say that 10x’s quickly.

One of my favorite episodes is embedded below: Simple ways to create a beautiful aquascape:

Week 11: Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Aquascape. | 52 Weeks of Reefing

Do you have a favorite YouTube channel that isn’t listed here? Leave a comment and let us know.

Top 5 Most Helpful Saltwater Aquarium You Tube Channels






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