9 best saltwater aquarium blogs

The 9 Best Saltwater Aquarium Blogs

Are you looking for a good saltwater aquarium blog to read? Surfing the net to find out what’s new and interesting in the hobby is one of my favorite things to do. That’s why I have compiled this list of The 9 Best Saltwater Aquarium Blogs

9. Melev’s Reef

Of all the blogs on this list, Marc’s blog is the closest to a pure blog that chronicles the progress of his own tanks, fish, and corals. The author is a trusted expert and is an A-list speaker and is a great person to kick off this list of the best saltwater aquarium blogs.

You can find Melev’s Reef blog at:

8. Mad Hatter’s Reef

This blog is the new kid on the block (do you remember when New Kids on the Block were “popular”? Sadly, I do). If you like Saltwater Aquarium Blog, I think you’ll enjoy reading Mad Hatter’s Reef because the author takes a similar educational approach to articles he creates and posts there. All of the other blogs on this list have been around much longer, so I gave them priority in the rankings here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you see this blog climb the rankings.

You can find Mad Hatter’s Reef at:

7. Aquarists online

John Cunningham is the primary author at Aquarists Online, and while he doesn’t publish articles as frequently as some of the other blogs on this page (he publishes a new post about once a month), the articles are generally interesting to read and helpful.

You can find Aquarists Online at;

6. Successful Reef Keeping

Successful Reef Keeping has been around for a long time. The archives on the site go all the way back to 2010, but it is a site that I have only grown to appreciate very recently. Somehow or other, I managed to miss this underwater gem, but I really enjoy reading it now. One of my favorite features on the site is the way they designed a format to visually lay-out the husbandry requirements of the animals they write about. They break concepts down into simple, digestible parts.

You can find Successful Reef Keeping at:

9 best saltwater aquarium blogs5. Aquanerd

A perennial powerhouse in the reef tank world is Aquanerd. When I think of Aquanerd, I think about the tip of the day that the founders painstakingly published…every day…and I always wondered how they managed to come up with something new, interesting and helpful every day.

About a year ago, the tone of the site shifted. It tends to be more product-based these days, but you can still search the archives if you long for the good old days.

You can find Aquanerd at:

4. Reef Builders

Reef Builders is a long-time saltwater aquarium blog. I think of this site when I want to learn more about the most current equipment and other product-related announcements from the aquarium industry. Jake Adams and the crew at Reef Builders tend to get the info first. So if you’re a gear-head, you want to bookmark this site:

You can find Reef Builders at:

3. Advanced Aquarist

Advanced Aquarist is the place I go to learn more about the technical or scientific side of things. Their audience is the intermediate or advanced aquarium hobbyist, and they come in as # 3 overall on this list of the best saltwater aquarium blogs.

You can find Advanced Aquarist at:

2. Reefs.com

I actually struggled a bit with deciding whether or not I would add reefs.com to the list here, because in some ways the ‘blog’ is actually a content aggregator, meaning that they re-publish articles that originated on other websites (like the # 1 blog below). But in addition to re-publishing content from other sites, they also produce their own articles—and they’re really good. reefs.com is the #2 blog—but the site is much more than just a blog. It’s a destination for hobbyists.

You can find reefs.com at:

#1 Saltwater Aquarium Blog

1. Saltwater Smarts

The #1 Best Saltwater Aquarium Blog is Saltwater Smarts. Jeff Kurtz and Chris Aldrich are the co-founders of this site and they are content machines, publishing great articles a few times every week. I always enjoy and usually learn something great when I read Saltwater Smarts.

You can find Saltwater Smarts at:


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The 9 Best Saltwater Aquarium Blogs

What do you think? Which is the best blog in our hobby? Leave your comment and a link below, and  no–I’m not pandering 🙂


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      Thanks for putting out such great content week after week. You’re a great resource for hobbyists.I enjoy your site and know others do as well.


  1. Thank you for the great suggestions about fun and informative aquarium blogs. Here in northern Indiana, we are about as far from the ocean as you can get, so these blogs are a great reminder that there is a big world full of saltwater aquarium enthusiasts out there.

    1. Author

      Hi Sander, thanks for the question. there are a few reasons–yes, they generally take more electricity, but they also need more expensive lights, more equipment (protein skimmers, etc.) powerheads/water pumps, and so on. The living creatures you purchase will also generally be more expensive. But it’s worth it!

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