9 Best saltwater aquarium blogs

The 9 Best Saltwater Aquarium Blogs

Are you looking for a good saltwater aquarium blog to read? (Well, clearly, since you’re here) But maybe you’d like a handy list of the best saltwater aquarium blogs you can turn to whenever you need to find reference materials for your hobby. Sometimes obscure problems pop up. And bloggers never discuss the same topics at the same time in the same way. It’s a good idea to have multiple resources around. Since surfing the net to find what’s new and exciting in this hobby is one of my favorite things to do, I’ve compiled this list of the nine best saltwater aquarium blogs for your reading pleasure.

Table of Contents: Best Saltwater Aquarium Blogs

Am I crazy – sending you to other spots on the internet? Of course not. The nine best saltwater aquarium blogs are the places I turn to for help! They stay on the pulse of the industry. And when I find myself with a question a book or personal experience can’t answer? They’re the folks I turn to for help. That’s why I want you to consider dropping by for a visit. They can do the same for you – in addition to the assistance I bring.

Saltwater Aquarium Blogs

Now, if you do a search for “best saltwater aquarium blogs,” you’ll find yourself tumbling down a rabbit hole of endless possibilities. I wanted to make sure I provided a more selective list for you. So I took a distinctive approach with this list. I went to authors and experts with experience under their belts. People with a proven track record in the aquarium hobby. That way, you know you’re getting information you can trust. (And you won’t get angry at me for sending you around these points on the internet)

You’ll find quality education materials in these blogs – minus the tuition fees and stacks of books from the library. You’re also going to find navigation a breeze, making it easy to search for the fish, invertebrate, or general maintenance questions you need answered. That’s how I define “the best saltwater aquarium blogs.” Hopefully, you’ll agree.

9. Melev’s Reef

Melev’s Reef started out as a pure blog, documenting the progress of his personal tanks (which you’ll still find under the Reef Blog link). But it’s advanced to a one-stop shop for every tank need, including the ReefTrace Live app (away to monitor and schedule the maintenance needs of your tank). Marc Levenson is a trusted expert and an A-list speaker (who you can book for presentations if you’re interested!) He’s a great person to kick off this list, and Melev’s Reef gets the list of best saltwater aquarium blogs off on the right foot.

Melev's Reef is one of the best saltwater aquarium blogs with an easy navigation

8. Mad Hatter’s Reef

Mad Hatter’s Reef was the new kid on the block in 2018 (do you remember when New Kids on the Block were “popular?” Sadly, I do). Unfortunately, they haven’t updated their content since then, but the articles on the blog can still pitch in for a new hobbyist. If you like Saltwater Aquarium Blog (obviously, you might, as you’re here), I think you’ll enjoy the style at Mad Hatter’s Reef because Jeff Hesketh takes a similar educational approach to the articles he creates.

Due to the longevity of the other saltwater aquarium blogs on this list, I gave them priority in the rankings, but I wanted to toss out a mention here. (And, who knows – people often revive old projects when they find the time).

Mad Hatter's Reef is one of the best saltwater aquarium blogs though not recently updated

7. ReefBum

Keith Berkelhamer started ReefBum to help anyone create a thriving reef tank. You’ll find the commercial side on the site, but he also offers helpful blog posts to guide you through keeping your tank running smoothly. You’ll also find videos, photos, and a live tank cam (if you want to see the possibilities your tank can esteem towards). He focuses on small polyp stony (SPS) corals. So if those species as a goal of yours, you can’t go wrong. It makes this one of the best saltwater aquarium blogs on the topic.

ReefBum is one of the best saltwater aquarium blogs for SPS corals

6. Unique Corals

If you’d rather expand your interest to ALL corals, then Unique Corals is one of the best saltwater aquarium blogs for you. They focus on the sale side of things, but if you skip over to their blog, you’ll find the latest news on everything coral-related. That means sales, conventions, and management techniques. The blog’s layout takes some getting used to, but the most recent information pops to the top. So if you’re watching the blog regularly, you’ll know what’s new and what happened last week.

Unique Corals is the best saltwater aquarium blog for corals

5. Aqua Nerd

A perennial powerhouse in the reef tank world is Aqua Nerd. When I think of Aqua Nerd, I think about the tip of the day the founders painstakingly published every day without fail. I always wondered how they managed to come up with something new, engaging, and helpful – without repeating themselves! In 2017, the tone of the site shifted. It tends to be more product-based these days. But you can still search the archives if you long for the good old days. And that includes their famous picture of the week section (always an oldie-but-goodie).

If you’re looking for the newest equipment to geek out over, it’s the best saltwater aquarium blog for the task. They stay on top of recent news in the marine world for anyone who wants follows the pulse of academia.

Aqua Nerd is one of the best saltwater aquarium blogs for technical information

4. Reef Builders

Reef Builders is a long-time favorite and one of the best saltwater aquarium blogs out there. I think of this site when I want to learn more about current equipment and product-related announcements from the aquarium industry. You’ll also find plenty of information on species – both fish and invertebrates. And they have a handy list of podcasts (if that’s your thing). Jake Adams, Ryan Gripp, and the crew at Reef Builders tend to get the info first. So if you want to stay at the forefront of this hobby, bookmark the site and drop by frequently.

Reef Builders is one of the best saltwater aquarium blogs for every topic

3. Bulk Reef Supply

Okay, yes, Bulk Reef Supply is what it sounds like: a shop. You’ll find everything you might need there for your aquarium. And that’s helpful to set in your bookmarks when you’re tracking down a tricky piece of equipment. However, if you stop by their Education link, you’ll find video after video and plenty of posts to walk you through questions, how to use all of those gadgets you purchased, and ways to work through problems.

Ryan Batcheller and Andrew Duneman founded the site and take their time to walk you through everything – with the best personality. It’s why the site deserves its place on the list of best saltwater aquarium blogs.

Bulk Reef Supply is a shop, but it's also one of the best saltwater aquarium blogs

2. Reef Hacks

Reef Hacks offers you everything you could want when you think of the best saltwater aquarium blogs. They review products – both as articles and in videos (not to mention podcasts, if you’d rather listen in your car in traffic) – talk about how to care for your corals and fish, review species, and even throw in some freshwater tips. (I know, that’s the dark side. But if you’re curious, it’s on there at the bottom) Everything’s straightforward and easy to navigate. And you don’t need to scramble through too many ads for products. It’s why they climb above some of the other blogs on the list.

Reef Hacks is one of the best saltwater aquarium blogs that even includes freshwater information

And that’s it – we’ve made it to the top of the list! Drum roll, please…

#1 Saltwater Aquarium Blog

1. Reefs.com

If you want the BEST saltwater aquarium blog around, look no further than Reefs.com. This conglomeration took over plenty of the other resources around the internet that hobbyists used to love and reference:

  • Advanced Aquarist
  • Saltwater Smarts
  • Reef News Network

You also get the latest products hitting the market, fish news (in the wild and in the home aquarium), and coral news. It’s one spot on the internet that covers a TON of ground. And if you’re looking for old articles from those beloved sources? You can search for them without a problem. It’s why they’ve earned the #1 spot on this list of the best saltwater aquarium blogs.

Reefs is the number one best saltwater aquarium blog

For More Information

Of course, while you’re here, I would be honored if you’d take a look around and see what you think of this blog. (No pressure or anything) See if you feel it warrants a place on the list of the best saltwater aquarium blogs out there. I recommend you check out the Getting Started page first to see some of my most popular content. Or you could move on to some additional info and see if that’s more your style.

Here are a few top pages you should check out:

If you’d rather get some pizzazz with your blog content, this YouTube video counts down their version of the best saltwater aquarium blogs out there (let me know if you happen to recognize one of them):


And if you’d rather get your fish and coral information from a more portable source? You can always rely on a good book (less chance of a current update popping up, but always there – even when the power goes out):

The 9 Best Saltwater Aquarium Blogs

What do you think of this list? Which is the best blog in our hobby, in your opinion? Leave your comment and a link below (and no, I’m not pandering).





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  1. Why are slatwater tanks so much more expensive then freshwater tanks? Is it just due the electricity?

    1. Hi Sander, thanks for the question. there are a few reasons–yes, they generally take more electricity, but they also need more expensive lights, more equipment (protein skimmers, etc.) powerheads/water pumps, and so on. The living creatures you purchase will also generally be more expensive. But it’s worth it!

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