Top 10 Saltwater Aquarium Blog Articles

Top 10 Articles of 2016

2016 Year in Review

A sincere thank you for all of your support this year. Without your support, I would just be a crazy person typing to himself (and maybe my Mom and Dad). Now I’m a crazy person typing to you, and you’re reading it. I do appreciate that you’re there.

I had a lot of fun with my saltwater aquarium this year.

  • My favorite addition was a Blood Red Fire Shrimp–made possible because my Flame Cardinal (who had an appetite for shrimp) had moved on.
  • My biggest disappointment was the loss of my massive toadstool coral. It looked like a carpet anemone, it was so big. But now, it’s gone.
  • My greatest achievement was that my Green Star Polyps spawned in my tank. I hope it becomes an annual event.

Reef Aquarium Book Series

In 2016, I also released the latest book in the Reef Aquarium Book Series, call Reef Journal.

As the name suggests, it’s a journal, designed to help you keep your reef in tip top shape–and is also designed to be a keepsake for you to look back on all the progress you’ll make throughout the year.

Saltwater Aquarium Blog

Traffic to the website here grew by 10%, year-over-year. Not bad, but also not terribly good. I hope I can do better to attract, interest and retain more readers next year. Which reminds me, if you think someone you know would like this site–please suggest it. Send them an email, post it on Facebook or talk about an article in a forum. If you do, please be sure to let me know about it. Thanks in advance.

The Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2016

This year was one of my most productive and consistent, in terms of publishing articles. I averaged at least one a week. I hope to be able to do even more next year. It’s always interesting to see which articles get read, which articles get listed reasonably well in Google and which articles just disappear into the ether. I can never really tell what will happen.

Top 10 Saltwater Aquarium Blog Articles

But you can’t argue with the data. Here are the articles that had the most readers in 2016. If you’re new to the site, what better place to start than with the most popular articles.

If you’re not new to the site, do you want to spend a few minutes here to read one of the top articles again? Or perhaps look for one you might have missed?


The Bristle Worm

Frequently misunderstood and often maligned, the lowly bristle worm is a saltwater aquarium hitchhiker and member of the reef clean up crew. Learn about them and how to catch them here.


Bubble Tip Anemones

Who doesn’t love the image of a clownfish swimming in an anemone? Many different clownfish species are available as captive-bred fish, but unfortunately their anemone partners aren’t quite as hardy–that is, except for the BTA.


Torch Coral: A Large Polyp Stony Beginner Coral

Looking for a stony coral with large, flowing polyps? Look no further than the Torch Coral.


Quarantine Tank Setup

Possibly one of the most important and most commonly ignored sets of equipment you’ll own. Read about why quarantine is important and how to create a simple quarantine tank setup.


LPS Coral Page

The LPS corals are a broad and popular group. There are many species that do quite well in the saltwater aquarium. Check out some of the most popular LPS corals species here.


Controlling High Temperatures

I had a melt down in my tank this year. It’s directly related to the biggest loss I alluded to earlier on this page. Check out what I learned the hard way about controlling high temperatures in a reef tank.


7 Exciting Reef Gadgets

At the beginning of the year, I had a guest blogger write about some exciting reef gadgets in 2016. You can check them out here. Do you think you have an article in you? Want to write a guest post? Leave a comment and let me know.


Best Aquarium Blogs

One of the most popular posts this year was a write-up I did about the best saltwater aquarium blogs. Check out the best of what the internet has to offer here.


Top 5 Youtube Channels

Video has always been a big deal, but lately, it seems like video has become a really big deal. If you’re looking for info online, check out these 5 top Youtube channels for saltwater aquarium hobby ideas.


Best Protein Skimmer

The #1 most popular article of 2016 was my product review of the best protein skimmer. Don’t take my word for it, check it out and see for yourself why it is the most visited article in 2016.

Thank you

Thanks again for making 2016 a fun and productive year. I look forward to connecting with you even more in 2017!

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