improve the aquascape

Improve the Aquascape

Welcome to Day 15 of the 31 Days to Build a Better Saltwater Aquarium Challenge.

Today, I want to challenge you to improve the way your aquarium looks. Your task is to look critically at and improve the aquascape.

What is the aquascape?

Aquascape is a fancy word to describe the way the rock work, corals or other decorations, if you have them, are laid out. Think of it as landscaping for your saltwater aquarium.

How are your rocks arranged? Are you completely satisfied by the way they look, or is there something about them you just don’t love?

If there is something you don’t love about the way your tank looks, make time to fix it today.  Be sure to use a good pair of gloves, when moving around live rock, there are too many opportunities to cut or sting yourself.

Here are 3 quick ideas to change up and improve the look of your tank:

  1. Focus on the focal point–where is the eye naturally drawn to in your aquarium? Is that the best spot, or could there be a better focal point?
  2. Are you using available space (like the walls)? Sometimes growing corals in untraditional places like up the glass or back wall can really spice things up.
  3. Remove corals from frag plugs–frag plugs are ugly. If you can see them in your tank, consider removing the corals an mounting them right on the rock.

improve the aquascape

For more information on making an awesome reef aquascape, check out this thread on Reef Central.

For some inspiration, check out a few awesome reef aquascapes on Pinterest. While you are there, can you share this post?







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