Schematic design for building a multi-aquarium rack for your fish room

DIY Aquarium Rack for Fish Room: Design Continued

Schematic design for building a multi-aquarium rack for your fish room
Here are the dimensions of the tank

DIY Aquarium Rack for Fish Room: Design (continued)

This blog post is a continuation of the last entry where I showed you how to build the horizontal shelf for a DIY Aquarium Rack for your fish room. Please note that the horizontal shelf as described in the last post is represented now from the side view in the image to the left in gray. Note the 55-inch length for confirmation.

The rest of the frame for the aquarium rack is constructed with 2 x 4 wall studs, shown in the image in black. You might already know this but 2 x 4 wall studs are actually 1.5 x 3.5 inches. Don’t let that mess up your measurements or calculations.

  • To build the Aquarium Rack upright supports, construct 4 ‘legs’ with wall studs cut to the following lengths:

The outside of the leg is 78-inch in length.  Starting at the bottom, screw each 21-inch piece to the 78-inch leg so that the leg stands flush at the bottom. Leave a 4.25-inch gap (enough for the stud plus plywood from the shelf) above the 21-inch piece and screw in your 25-inch pieces.  Leave another 4.25-inch gap and attach the final 20-inch piece.

Once you have assembled each of the four legs this way, you can finalize the DIY Aquarium Rack.  Stand the legs up so that the inside of the 78-inch pieces are 55 inches apart on one side and 24 inches apart on the other. Lift the first shelf unit and place it on top of the 21-inch pieces. Ensure a nice snug fit and screw into place. Repeat again for the top shelf and lid.  I did manage to complete this step without any help in the basement, but I really recommend getting some help with the final assembly if possible.

This design should allow you to fit 4 x 10-gallon tanks as well as 4 x 20 gallon high tanks, with enough room for plumbing and tank maintenance as well.

Please note: the image shows an outline for 5 standard 10-gallon tanks, but due to the fact that 3 inches of horizontal length are lost because of the inside studs, only 4 will fit. I use the extra space on the top shelf to hold food and other supplies, but please note that you may want to increase the length of your shelving unit by 3-inches to accommodate one more aquarium, as shown.

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