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  • Bird’s Nest Coral Care Guide

    Bird’s Nest Coral Care Guide

    The bird’s nest coral is a small polyp stony coral (shortened to SPS by many aquarium owners) with thin yellow, green, purple, or pink branches that grow into a densely intertwined mass resembling a bird’s nest. (No one said biologists were creative with their naming schemes) As far as SPS corals go, the bird’s nest…

  • Chalice Coral

    Chalice Coral

    Chalice Coral Ready for some eye candy? Take a look at some of these awesome chalice corals. Chalice corals are stony corals that are best kept by intermediate hobbyists—those who have already mastered the basics of coral husbandry and have had success with Candy canes, Frogspawns, etc. They are available in a dizzying array of…

  • SPS Coral

    SPS Coral

    What is an SPS Coral? SPS coral is the name given to the group of coral species that have a stony calcium carbonate skeleton with tiny coral polyps. These corals are generally the first that comes to mind when someone joins the reef aquarium hobby, sometimes called the ‘true’ corals because they are the corals that build the backbone of the…