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  • Brittle Starfish Care: The Ophiuroidea Family

    Brittle Starfish Care: The Ophiuroidea Family

    The brittle starfish (Ophiuroidea) or brittle star group either enchant or repulse you. They follow the expected pattern of five “limbs,” but they lack that adorable star design. Instead, you get long, snaking legs that move in every direction – sometimes independently. But these echinoderms bring a particular fascination with them. And if you’re one…

  • Serpent Starfish Care: Ophiuroidea

    Serpent Starfish Care: Ophiuroidea

    When people think of starfish, they call to mind the five-pointed echinoderms you learn to recognize as a kid. So you might overlook serpent starfish at first glance. These brightly colored members of the group trade in those “stubby” arms for long, snake-like limbs. It’s the perfect touch to a saltwater aquarium craving a unique touch.…