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  • Google Underwater Street View

    Google Underwater Street View

    Do you know what Google Underwater Street View is? Check this out. Google Underwater is an interactive 360-degree self-guided tour of the world’s most breathtaking coral reef views that you can enjoy anywhere and any time you want. Would you agree with me that watching corals and saltwater fish is captivating? For me, the reason…

  • Success Fragging Corals

    Success Fragging Corals

    [pullquote type=”left”]This is article # 3, in a three-article series, taking a deep-dive into the world of coral fragging.[/pullquote] In article # 1, we talked about our shared dreams to have a thriving reef aquarium, filled with corals and set the stage that fragging corals is a great way to increase the number of rapidly growing…

  • Introduction to Fragging Corals

    Introduction to Fragging Corals

    When I ask friends to describe their ideal coral aquarium, there are two major themes that come up. Many people want to have a large tank filled with Acropora (Acros), Montipora Plate corals and other  Small Polyp Stony (SPS) Corals. Others hope for a mixed reef tank, buzzing with color and energy as fish and…