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  • Foxface rabbitfish comprehensive care guide: (but are they reef safe?)

    Foxface rabbitfish comprehensive care guide: (but are they reef safe?)

    The Foxface rabbitfish is a bold (personality and color) saltwater fish with a peaceful, almost confident temperament. This species is easy to feed and care for and has a brilliant yellow, white, and black coloring that will liven up just about any tank. Let’s dive deeper into the Foxface rabbitfish’s world to learn more about […]

  • Pajama cardinalfish

    Pajama cardinalfish

    The Pajama Cardinalfish is a small saltwater aquarium fish that is nearly perfect for almost any tank. Visitors may wonder if the colors and patterns are real. Beginners will appreciate how easy it is to take care of them. They will get along with just about any other fish (that won’t try to eat them) […]

  • Best Nano Aquarium for Saltwater

    Best Nano Aquarium for Saltwater

    A large aquarium positioned prominently as a display is a stunning addition to any room. But despite what you may have heard, big reef tanks don’t have to have all the fun. A Nano Aquarium, by comparison, is a comparatively pint-sized tank, typically around 20 gallons or less that packs a big punch in a small […]

  • Yellow longnose butterflyfish

    Yellow longnose butterflyfish

    The Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish is a beautiful, brightly-colored yellow fish, with a long, pointed snout that can simultaneously reinforce the competing notions of deliberate design and evolution for picking food items out of the deep recesses of reef rocks. They are hardy, docile creatures–but are they reef-safe? And are they appropriate for your saltwater aquarium? […]

  • Blue devil damselfish

    Blue devil damselfish

    The Blue devil damselfish is a gorgeous and insanely popular saltwater fish. In fact, a few years back, it was the #2 most imported fish. They are small, beautifully colored and as inexpensive as saltwater fish get. It can be challenging, at times, to tell the difference between different species of damselfishes–and the blue devil […]

  • 7 Biggest Aquarium Mistakes I’ve Made in the Hobby

    7 Biggest Aquarium Mistakes I’ve Made in the Hobby

    I was chatting with a friend and Saltwater Aquarium Blog Newsletter subscriber the other day who was bummed because he made a mistake that ended causing some pretty significant damage to his tank. In the end, he decided to take a break from the hobby. It bums me out to see this happen, and unfortunately, […]

  • Intro to the most popular copepods for sale

    Intro to the most popular copepods for sale

    Most popular copepods for sale Copepods are tiny crustaceans that can either hitchhike their way into your tank or are added deliberately, as natural and nutritional food for your saltwater fish. This article will focus on a few of the most popular copepods for sale to feed to your reef aquarium and boost its biodiversity. Some […]

  • Favorite Saltwater Fish Foods

    Favorite Saltwater Fish Foods

    This may sound obvious, once you read this, but feeding the animals in your tank is one of the most important things you will do for them. Surprisingly, however, people don’t talk much about food in this hobby, and I don’t see a lot written about the topic. Since I love awkward conversations, I thought, […]

  • A big disaster? Or a chance to start over?

    A big disaster? Or a chance to start over?

    The recent Nor’easter took out power to my house. The power went out on Friday, while I was away on business travel, and as of Sunday, the power was still out. The temperature outside was 36 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature inside the house dropped to 48 degrees by Sunday morning. This is me, in sunny […]

  • 6 Shy saltwater fish

    6 Shy saltwater fish

    Looking for a shy saltwater fish? Read more to find out 6 great options for your reef aquarium. 6 Shy saltwater fish you may want to add to your tank One common trait that the most popular and common saltwater fish share is a certain boldness in the aquarium. I’m not talking about aggressiveness, per […]