Proposed Table of Contents for my Saltwater Aquarium Book

I’m not sure if you know this, or not, but I have been writing a How-to guide for the saltwater aquarium hobby for the last two years. I am embarrassed that it took so long for me to write—but I think the book is much better as a result. Somewhere along the line, I stopped writing the book because I was frustrated, bored and stuck. But I also managed to find my voice and became energized again.

My goals with the book are to:

  • Help you avoid the mistakes I made over the years
  • Demystify some of the scientific mumbo-jumbo by writing in a style that even I can understand (I can be dense sometimes)
  • Make you laugh

The book was sterile and horribly boring when I wrote the first draft, but now with some time to think about it, I managed to add a bit more humor. I hope. As much as I love the books I have on my own book shelf, they all have an academic/serious feel to them that make it hard to engage with (sometimes). That’s one of the biggest things I hope to bring to this book (a sense of humor and some personality), along with some great info.

Here is what I have, so far, from a content perspective. Can you let me know what you think and what other areas I need to cover?

  • Chapter 1: What Aquarium is Right for You?      
  • Chapter 2: What Do You Want to Keep?
  • Chapter 3: Filtration: The Heart…No…Kidneys of Your Aquarium            
  • Chapter 4: Aquarium Lighting   
  • Chapter 5: Other Equipment     
  • Chapter 6: Water Parameters   
  • Chapter 7: Testing          
  • Chapter 8: Fish 
  • Chapter 9: Coral              
  • Chapter 10: Coral Propagation (Fragging)            
  • Chapter 11: Health and Disease               
  • Chapter 12: A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding your First Fish       
  • Chapter 13: Expect a few problems        
  • Chapter 14: Continuing Your Journey—Research Online              
  • Appendix I: Guide to Online Discussion Forum Abbreviations

Aquarium Funny Guys Will and Gill make an appearance in the book, but I think my nerdy humor may not be a good fit for a beginner audience. There are a lot of pictures and hopefully some good (and bad) jokes.

Are there other topics I should consider? Feel free to email me at: [email protected] if you don’t want to post them in the comments section here.

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