How to Frag Corals

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Most of us dream of having a tank filled with our favorite corals, but it can cost a small fortune to fill your tank with full-sized colonies of corals from your local fish store. Not to mention those touch-and-go moments where you are not sure whether or not the coral you bought is going to flourish in your aquarium and respond well to your own special version of aquarium TLC.

One of the best ways to fill your tank with multiple thriving coral colonies is to create fragments, called frags, of the corals that are already growing well in your tank. You can use those frags to create a new look in your tank, or you can trade those frags to other hobbyists or to your local fish store to expand your collection.

Corals possess a unique ability to recreate genetically identical clones of themselves from small and large fragments of themselves. Each fragment has the genetic information to create a new colony. There is evidence that some corals are able to reproduce by fragmentation even as an embryo (as tiny coral babies in the ocean). While your specific role in assisting this coral propagation may not be completely natural, the survival instinct and genetic programming of the corals you are fragging certainly are.

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Pre-Order between now and January 19th to reserve your copy today, to get a ~50% discount off the list price.

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