butterfly victim of MACNA

MACNA–Secrets Revealed About the Victims of the Largest Marine Aquarium Conference

MACNA–Secrets Revealed About the Victims of the Largest Marine Aquarium Conference

The big news this week is that the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America, the largest ever marine aquarium conference descended on Washington, D.C. I have seen a lot of buzz about the conference, but most of the coverage is the same. Nobody has the courage to cover the real story. The big issue. The real victims of MACNA that the aquarium industry doesn’t want you to know about.

MACNA 2015 Banner

Who is responsible?

You may be asking yourself, who is responsible for this, and why doesn’t MACNA want us to find out? Well, see for yourself.

What is the big deal?

Each year, MACNA gets bigger and bigger, and so does the problem.

Enough already, who are the victims?

The real victims of MACNA are the fish and invertebrates…we all left behind. The lonely clownfishes, zoanthids, and sticks in our tanks.


lonely jawfish

This victim, an anonymous blue spot jawfish, is wondering where everyone has gone

That’s right, as shoals of aquarium enthusiasts flood the halls of the exhibit hall, oggling the latest gear and awesome livestock, nobody talks about the tanks left behind. Until today.

Sure, they’ll be there once everyone has gotten back home. Yes, most people have tank-sitters and automation, but it’s time someone gave a voice to the hundreds of tanks that were left behind, to ensure they are not forgotten.

Here are just a few of the victims:


victims of MACNA

This lonely aquarium was left behind, while the aquarist in charge went to MACNA

On this last day of MACNA, while everyone is traveling back home, take a moment to remember those tanks who were left behind and remember, MACNA is not a victimless crime, but it sure is a lot of fun :).

butterfly victim of MACNA

Luckily for the finned friends we left behind, MACNA won’t happen again for another year.


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