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To set up and maintain a saltwater aquarium, there are a lot of things to consider. Your options for making the tank a reflection of your own interests and tastes are practically endless. With that said, tasks with endless possibilities can sometimes be daunting or overwhelming–especially if you don’t know where to begin. This page is intended to be a quick reference to link you to the best how to saltwater aquarium resources and articles.  

how to saltwater aquarium resources

From an organizational perspective, I have broken the How To links up into the following categories:

  • How To Beginner Resources–these articles are for the beginner, to help you get your saltwater aquarium up and running smoothly
  • How To Intermediate Resources–these articles are for aquarists who already have their hands wet
  • How To Advanced Resources–a bit more technical than the the first two category, these advanced techniques are for those with a little more experience keeping a saltwater aquarium
  • How To Specialty Resources–these articles are for special interest topics–the techniques are not all that advanced, per se, but they nature of the content is a bit more specialized than average

How To Beginner Resources

How To Intermediate Resources

How To Advanced Resources

How To Specialty Resources


As I mentioned before, the possibilities are endless when you set up your own saltwater aquarium. So it is impossible to link to every resource you would need, but hopefully you found it to be a good place to start.

Written by: Al Ulrich


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