give or throw something away

Give or throw something away

Today is Day 11 in the 31 Days to Build a Better Saltwater Aquarium Challenge. Only 20 more days to go. This is feeling like a low energy day (we’ve been at it for a while now), so the goal is to make this one short and sweet.

Give or throw something away

If you’re like me (and most of the hobbyists I know), you probably have a little bit of a hoarding issue, at least as it pertains to your aquarium gear. It’s either piled up in a bucket (or buckets), under your slop sink or even under your aquarium, in the aquarium stand.

Do you have any old maxi jet powerheads?

Cut lengths of PVC tubing?

Aquarium decorations you used a long time ago or maybe never, ever used?

Take 5 minutes today to look through some of your accumulated stuff and either give it away or throw them away. Let’s get rid of some clutter together. I will be joining you (that’s my bucket of stuff you see in the picture).

give or throw something away

Now, obviously the goal isn’t to throw away things with significant residual value or equipment you’re going to need in a pinch, but do you really need all those powerheads? Are you ever going to really use those lengths of PVC? Even if you do decide you need that PVC 6 years in the future, do you anticipate there is going to be a PVC shortage at the time?

I’m speaking to myself here and think it may be helpful to you. But let’s have a quick win, let’s declutter and throw something away.






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