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Gift Giving For Saltwater Aquarium Enthusiasts

The Holiday season is upon us again, and ‘tis the season for gift giving and gift receiving. But for those of us in the Saltwater Aquarium Hobby, we sometimes receive strange or confused looks when the loved ones in our lives see what’s on our wish list. Want to see 51 great gifts for the saltwater aquarium lover? Check out this guide here.

aquarium present
image by Jayneandd

I’ve been in this hobby for a number of years, but despite the fact that I can barely remember what I did this past week—I can still vividly remember the expressions on my wife, mother and brothers faces when describing to them what was on my wish list during my first few years in the hobby.

The conversations usually went something like this…

Me: “What I’d really like is some live rock”

Family member: “Live….what?”

Then, once we’re in the fish store…

Family member:“Wait, you’re going to walk past all these awesome looking fish and corals and buy …rocks…?”

Then once I reached the checkout counter…

Family member: “So you’re serious, it costs that much just to buy a rock? Wouldn’t you rather put one of those air bubble treasure chests or skeleton pirate ornaments instead?”

The point is—as aquarium hobbyists—we sometimes ask for very specific and expensive gear or livestock. And those things that we ask for are seldom understood or appreciated by our friends and family members.  That’s why I decided to put together a series of discussion guides intended to light-heartedly approach the Holiday Season and avoid the awkward pause when you ask someone for a $25 or $50 rock.

Live rock is an awesome gift
Adapted from an image by Nat Tarbox

Over the next few weeks (unless you all really hate it and send me flaming emails asking me to stop…) I plan to create a series of discussion guides designed to help you and your loved ones see eye-to-eye and avoid those awkward moments (or at least share a laugh about them).

I got the strangest looks when I asked for the following gifts:

How about you–have you received any strange looks for something on your wish list? Check back next week for the first guide to help you through the Holiday Gift-Receiving Season.






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