Earth Day: 5 Ways to Be a Better Saltwater Aquarium Hobbyist Today

Today is April 22nd, also known by some, as Earth Day. The first Earth Day was in 1970 and is credited for inspiring the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as the passage of the Clean air, Clean water and Endangered Species Acts.

by Bruce Irving (the picture, not the planet)

5 Ways to Be a Better Saltwater Aquarium Hobbyist Today

  1. Give a frag to a fellow hobbyist–Think back to the younger version of you, when you were just starting out in the saltwater aquarium hobby–and what it would have been like if soomeone just gave you a great frag for your tank–for FREE. Not to mention, it means one less coral harvested from the ocean, and we all know that a coral grown in your tank is going to have a high chance for success in a friend/neighbor’s tank.
  2. Buy something aquacultured (reducing wild harvest) from your local fish store–aquacultured rocks, fish, corals, whatever strikes your fancy–support those companies (your local fish store, the aquaculture supplier) and let them know that you value the services they provide.
  3. Donate to a coral charity–Help out the environment with a donation to a good cause. I have a short list of a few worthwhile charities (non-profit organizations) listed on the Saltwater Aquarium Blog Resources Page, check it out. Have a charity you think I should post here? Send me a note using the contact form here.
  4. Use a little less electricity--think about ways to use less electricity today. Turn your lights out 2 hours early, or shut off your pumps for a while. Just don’t forget to plug everything back in.
  5. Teach someone (even your kids) about coral reefs–Earth Day is really about awareness and education–go out of your way today to talk about and share you hobby or your love for sea animals. Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire someone to join the hobby.
  6. (bonus item) Go learn more about the history of Earth Day here. Haha, the title of this post is Earth Day: 5 Ways to Be a Better Saltwater Aquarium Hobbyist Today, but I gave size ways instead–because it’s Earth Day.

What did I miss? Are there other ways to be a better saltwater aquarium hobbyist today?

Written by Albert B. Ulrich III. Author of The New Saltwater Aquarium Guide






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