Time for a partial water change

Congratulations, you completed the first week in the 31 Days to Build a Better Saltwater Aquarium Challenge!

Give yourself a round of applause.

Celebrate with the beverage of your choice… and a partial water change.

Sorry to ruin the moment, but it took a serious amount of personal restraint to wait the entire week to ask you to do a partial water change.

You don’t need me to tell you here how important water changes are to building a better saltwater aquarium…(but I will)

Partial Water Changes

Partial water changes:

  • Remove pollutants
  • Replenish important elements like calcium and magnesium
  • Oxygenate the water
  • Return your aquarium water to balance

Still not convinced? Think back to that goal you set on Day 2. Don’t do it for me. Do it for the animals in your tank and as one important step towards achieving that goal.

Want to spice it up a little?

Put some ear buds in and listen to one of your favorite songs or a Podcast. Let loose and have some fun with the water change.

Checking in on your progress

How is your aquarium, anyway? Does it feel like you’re making some nice progress? Need some extra help in terms of accountability and sticking with the challenge every day? Forward this link to a friend and ask for their help to check in on you and ask about your progress. Even if you don’t need help, can you help spread the word by emailing or sharing this challenge with someone you think would be interested? No pressure to do so, but I’d very much appreciate it if you do.


See you tomorrow







3 responses to “Time for a partial water change”

  1. Yvonne Galloway

    2 gallons in the Biocube and a half gallon in the (ahem) quarantine tank.

  2. John

    Because I was not so patient when I set my tank up I use just RO water to fill it up. Seemed fine at first, fish doing good even corals looked ok. But as time went on things have declined. I just recently got a RODI water filter and have made 50% water change, I’m going to do another 50% change today and another in a couple weeks. After first change tank looks amazing. Lesson learned. Don’t do things until I can do them correctly.

    1. John, shortcuts can be challenging in this hobby. Sounds like you’re working hard, learning a lot and trying new things. You’re doing great. Keep it up.

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