Book Review: Your First Marine Aquarium

I picked up a new aquarium book in the bargain bin of a bookstore the other day, titled: Your First Marine Aquarium.

 The book, written by John H. Tullock, and published by Barron’s (an educational publisher) covers the basics for a new saltwater aquarist. I would consider the book to be small, by saltwater aquarium book standards. The book is about 100 pages cover-to-cover. The book spends a mere 2 pagescovering the  needs of the coral reef environment (chemisty and light), but dedicates a reasonable amount of attention to planning (both the set-up and individual inhabitants) and set-up.

In the chapter dedicated to livestock selection, I was pleasantly surprised to find a chart there profiling the compatibility of various fishes and invertebrates.

Who would I recommend this book to? Your First Marine Aquarium is definitely a beginner’s book. For newcomers to the hobby you will find a nice, friendly guide to planning and setting up a marine aquarium. The book has decent feedback on–and it looks consistent to me that the book serves well as an introduction to the hobby 

Personally, I bargains…and I also love almost anything with pictures of fish and coral in it.  I found this bargain-bin discovery a light and pleasant read. Have you read it? Do you remember the first Marine Aquarium book you read, what was it?



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