anura 50 product review

Anura pH 50 Product Review

A product review of the new line of Anura pH meters for the saltwater aquarium hobby–the Anura pH50

A few months back, I was approached by an entrepreneur, Randy, launching a new line of meters for the aquarium hobby. The brand name was Anura. He offered to provide free meters to a small number of email subscribers, in exchange for a blog post highlighting an honest review of the products.

I asked the Saltwater Aquarium Blog Newsletter community if they would be interested in testing these new meters out and got a resounding YES. Anyone who indicated they were interested was entered into a random drawing and picked out three winners.


None of us received any compensation for this review, but Anura did provide the meters to the three reviewers, free of charge. This article and others on this website have links to Amazon, where the product can be purchased. If you visit Amazon via one of these links, they may provide Saltwater Aquarium Blog a small commission for purchases you make at no additional cost to you as part of their affiliate program

Anura pH50 meter

Check out the Amazon page for prices, shipping, and reviews

The rest of the blog post is an aggregation and summarization of the feedback I received from three Saltwater Aquarium Blog Newsletter subscribers and hobbyists. Here is what they said about the Anura pH 50 meter:

Shipping and delivery

There were a few minor hiccups here. It took a while for the products to be shipped. When they were finally shipped, some of the reviewers actually received the wrong product (a freshwater meter, for example), and one of the reviewers, who lived in a very warm climate, received the package with a free chocolate. It’s the thought that counts…but um…in future rounds, the team shipped PEZ dispensers—a much more durable product and a nice, personal touch.

One reviewer even noted that the mailing label was actually written in Calligraphy—now there’s another nice touch.

And now, the product is available on, so there is no reason at all to be concerned about shipping in any way.

The units were packaged really well, in environmentally-friendly packaging and arrived safe, free of damage.

Some assembly required—but no problem

  • The units required batteries (included with the package) and a 3 point calibration procedure.
  • The calibration procedure was fairly simple, using powdered agents and the addition of 250ml of RODI water.
  • One reviewer found this calibration solution and process helpful to re-calibrate the other pH probes in their systems.
  • Calibration instructions were quite easy to follow.


  • One of the reviewers was extremely grateful for the opportunity to calibrate and test this unit because they found out that their Neptune pH probe had drifted and was currently reading 0.2 inaccurately high.
  • They verified that the Anura was the accurate reading and was verified with the calibration fluid, another Neptune probe along with a Hanna checker ph probe.
  • The temperature reading was spot on and verified with an instant-read thermometer as well as in tank probes.

Best use of this device

The reviewer with the most positive feedback about the Anura probe said that this probe is quite useful to measure both ph and temperature in tasks outside of the main monitors or for verification of the monitors in the tank.

Specifically, it is most useful in making new water for water changes, preparing QT water and freshwater dips where temp and ph have the most impact.

In their opinion, it outperforms the standard Hanna ph probe, is much faster in taking readings and has the added benefit of measuring temperature.

anura 50 product review

Areas for improvement

The only negative point in regards to the ph50 is the storage.  The instructions state to store then re-wet the device with calibration solution.

One reviewer stored there Anura in the Hanna storage solution and verified that calibration was not thrown off using this method.  It would be nice to use a storage solution similar to Hanna, which would make the ph50 a regular use component.


There are no warnings or disclaimers on the packets for calibration. One of the lucky winners asked the rhetorical question, “If you get a solution of pH 4 on you, isn’t that going to harsh your day?”

Would this device replace existing monitoring and tracking devices?

Sounds like it won’t. While it’s a great supplemental device it won’t replace monitor & tracking devices if you already have a Neptune system or anything similar.

However, it is recommended by one of the reviewers quite strongly as being a superior product to the Hanna ph checker and meat thermometers.

Summary Product Review of the Anura pH 50 meter

My honest assessment of the experience three separate newsletter subscribers had with Anura is as follows:

  • Personal touch— the Anura team was focused on ensuring a positive experience with a personal touch
  • Packaging was eco-friendly and solid
  • Setup was minimal, necessary and effective. Probably would benefit from some safety warnings.
  • Design and performance were strong, reliable, validated by other instruments.
  • The recommended place/positioning for this product would be as an alternative to the Hanna instruments but wouldn’t likely replace the ongoing monitors.

Thanks to the Anura team and to Glenn, Jason, and Yvonne for testing and reviewing.

Where to buy

This product is available on and at the time of this article, qualifies for Prime 2-day shipping.

Check out the Amazon page for prices, shipping, and reviews

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