love the saltwater aquarium hobby

6 Reasons why I love the saltwater aquarium hobby

Do you love the saltwater aquarium hobby as much as I do? I hope so. Over the years, I’ve obsessed about different aspects of the hobby, but I absolutely love it. Here is why I love it–when you get to the bottom, leave a comment and let me know why you love it.

1. There is always something to learn

I’ve been in this hobby for years, I’m still learning, and I know you are too. Every year, the pioneers, academics and everyday hobbyists push the envelope a little further, and we learn a little bit more about what it takes to have great, lasting success in this hobby.

2. My tank is always changing

Another reason I love this hobby is that my tank is always changing. Every day, the Darwinian struggle goes on–the fit get fitter and the losers shrink, dye-off or get eaten. If I feed too much food, problem algae and detritivores rein. I’ve even come to appreciate the ‘big changes’ that come with power failures.

3. The amazing fish…corals…inverts

Let’s face it, the number one reason is because of all the amazing animals we can find and nurture.

There is such an array of fish, corals and other invertebrate options, with fantastic colors, curious behaviors, and interesting shapes.

Am I right?

4. The satisfaction of creating something special and a job well done

I don’t know about you, but I get great satisfaction from having success in this hobby. I feed off of any success.

  • Successfully acclimating a new fish
  • Watching the first feeding
  • Seeing the polyps open up, for the first time, or after a frag or move

5. Researching and planning out the next project

There are so many ways to go deeper and experience something new in this hobby. I can still remember spending DAYS ON END planning out my first build, researching the livestock and care requirements.

I can remember spending DAYS, planning my tank upgrade.

I spent weeks planning out my fish room

The greatest part about this hobby is that there is always a ‘next’ project if you want one.

6. Talking about my tank when someone visits my house for the first time

The absolute best feeling is that moment when someone visiting the house sees the tank for the first time, and starts asking questions. I don’t think it’s about showing off–but rather–it’s about seeing the budding curiosity and interest.

That sentiment is even sweeter when it’s the unbridled curiosity a kid, or when the guest notices something more subtle, like a fan worm, tube worm or sponge and wants to know what it is.

How about you, why do you love the saltwater aquarium hobby?

I’m not alone here, am I or am I just being a big nerd? Why do you love the saltwater aquarium hobby? Please leave a comment and let me know.






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