yellow tang

Is the yellow tang the next BIG fish to be successfully aquacultured?

I was inspired by a post that I read on Aquanerd the other day (here is the link) about a Yellow Tang breeding program in Hawaii getting a financial boost. The article made me pause (which is the sign of a good article) and think about how significant of a contribution to the hobby it would be to have captive-bred yellow tangs.

yellow tang

Next to be available captive-bred?

The yellow tang was one of the first 10 fish I had, and I bet it was one of the first for many of you out there as well.They’re in stock in almost any fish store I’ve ever been to. I found out (by tracking things back to the original post in The Global Aquaculture Advocate (who even knew such a thing existed) that 300,000-400,000 yellow tangs are exported from the reefs every year.  So I got to wondering… (which is what I do…) are we perhaps on the verge of tremendous advances in this hobby?

The yellow tang emerges from the egg at 1 mm in length and is so small it has to eat the eggs (or tiny naupli) of a copepod species (that was one of the innovations highlighted in the full article that is providing the breakthrough with these fish).

I’m holding out hope that we’ll have Captive-bred yellow tangs, flame angels,

Image of the Moorish Idol

image by waffries creative commons license from Flickr

and dare I say…Moorish Idols…

What fish species are you waiting for?

You don’t have to wait for the fish sold by ORA and Sustainable Aquatics–so make sure you support them (through your favorite local or online fish store) when you can.


I originally wrote this article in January 2014. We don’t always get our predictions right, but the good news about a prediction like this is that it was always just a matter of time. A quick update here about aquacultured yellow tangs–they’re HERE! They have been all over the news. It’s an amazing breakthrough for the hobby.

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