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Updates to the Saltwater Aquarium Blog website

I just wanted to take a quick moment to point out a few updates to the Saltwater Aquarium Blog. Over the last week or so, I made some changes to the site. I have added new content and taken some content away.

saltwater aquarium blog updates

Here is an overview of what changed:

The first thing you may have noticed is that I got rid of the Saltwater Aquarium Blog landing page. I’m actually really nervous that I did. I don’t know what got into me–Spring Fever I guess–but I decided that the page was a distraction. I wonder if that’s going to affect any search rankings.

I added two new pages to the navigation–an equipment page and a resources page.

Saltwater Aquarium Equipment

This landing page was designed to be a central hub for posts and information about equipment we all use or need in the saltwater aquarium hobby. While this is not a comprehensive page yet, I think and hope is at least the first step towards a valuable resource. If you do find it helpful, I would be honored if you would consider sharing it on Facebook or Google +. Not sure if you have seen this function before, but there is a little button on all of the pages that will help you share it easily:

share it function

Don’t click this image…it’s just a picture of the real button. Scroll to see the real button. thx.

Just hover over the button with your mouse, select Facebook, Google + or whatever network you think would be a great place to share the content. Thanks for your help sharing the love.


Saltwater Aquarium Resources Page


This page is intended to be the home (now and in the future) of relevant and helpful links. As I come across content I think you should know about, I am going to add the link there. If there are resources that you know about that you think belong on this page, please feel free to send me a note using the contact form. I think the value of this page will also increase over time as I continue to update it with helpful and relevant saltwater aquarium resources.

Removed content/functionality

A few months back I went a little crazy adding some plug-ins to the site. Not sure if you’re savvy with websites or not, but this site is powered by a blog program called Word Press and within that universe there are lots of programmers who create programs you can add on to the site, called plug-ins. I experimented with a few to see if it would improve your overall experience. Not sure they were used all that much, and they can slow down the site. Did you notice? Do you miss them? I’m not going to tell you what it was…can you tell me? Haha, feel free to leave a comment if you noticed or miss something.

Written by: Al Ulrich


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