aquarium partial water changes

Update on changes to my water changes

Several weeks ago I wrote a lengthy post (alright, it was a rant) about partial water changes. At the time, I was struggling to come up with a topic–and I egged myself on with a challenge to write about whatever topic would have the potential of doing the most good (that is…if anyone were to read it and be inspired enough to do something different). After a bit of agonizing over the topic, what I landed on what the humble water change.

Aquarium partial water changes

It’s no secret the water changes are effective. The simple water change is a solution to many of the most common problems we all face. But setting a goal to be better about performing regular water changes is like setting a goal to exercise every day or eat healthier. Few people would argue against the benefits of such a lifestyle change, but how many of us have the fortitude to stick with it.

Rather than go down that road, I decided to take a different approach…what small step could I take to improve the way I do my partial water changes?

Here is the update:

When I looked closer at the way I was doing water changes–I found a couple of really bad habits. For one, I wasn’t mixing up my water in advance…so each and every time I set out to do a water change–the first thing I had to do was make up several buckets of water. I also had to wait a while for the water to mix and settle. This bad habit was affecting things in two ways–the first thing was that water changes were unnecessarily complicated–it was an ‘entire night’ ordeal because of the time involved in between steps. The second thing was that I was knowingly adding sub-par water to my tank, risking shock to the animals inside…for no better reason than just a bad habit.

So I started making up my water in advance. So simple, but it has made (so far) such a difference. Water changes feel like they take a fraction of the time now. Because I just spend a few minutes making water one night and then about 30 minutes later on when I actually perform the water change. I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m causing less stress to the animals in my tank (because the replacement water has been properly aged) and I’ve also changed more buckets of water in the process.

I know it isn’t a lot, but for me, it was a start. I just wanted to post that teeny tiny improvement and ask if you have made any changes to your routine. If you have, could you post it below?

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