So long and thanks for all the fish

The final issue of Aquarium Fish International shipped to subscribers.  You can find my previous post about Aquarium Fish International here, where I first announced that the magazine would no longer be published. The magazine, which catered to both freshwater and saltwater aquarists, ran for 24 years before shutting down. Had the magazine not sent a letter notifying me that the magazine will no longer be produced, I would have missed the whole thing…I guess at least until I realized I was no longer receiving my copy in the mail.

 The October 2012 issue looked like any other. The only sign that October 2012 was the final issue was on the ‘note from the editor page’, which I probably would not have read, except that I was looking for closure. There was a brief note of exit from each of the three editors, Clay Jackson, Patricia Knight and Cassandra Radcliff, and besides that , the columns appeared to be normal.

 There were warning signs, of course, that the magazine (or company) was in trouble. Back in June 2010, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium (FAMA) magazine, a separate aquarium magazine published by Bow Tie Inc., merged into Aquarium Fish International. But apparently that merger did not provide enough scale to solve the financial woes.

 If you’re not a subscriber to AFI,  you can pick up the final copy on newsstands through October, I would imagine. Pick up your little piece of history.

 Bow-Tie inc. does publish three ‘annual’ aquarium magazines that will remain in publication:

 -Marine Fish and Reef USA
-Coral & Reef USA
-Aquarium USA


How do you say goodbye to a magazine? How about with a quote from Douglas Adams (well it’s the title of a book really),



 “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

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