Funny fish comic starring will and gill

Funny Fish Comic–starring Will and Gill

Introducing the newest addition to the Saltwater Aquarium Blog family–

Funny Fish Comic–starring Will and Gill

I have been writing and posting content on this blog since 2009, but this will be the first time I have ever posted a comic. That’s right–a picture (that I drew…horribly) that is intended to make you laugh. That excites and terrifies me.


Funny fish comic starring will and gill

On a personal note–I love to joke around and have a good time–but I usually pride myself on being funny in person. When something happens, I tend to have a witty reply or comeback. I’ve never really tried to be funny in writing–and actually, now that I have started trying to be funny in writing–I have to report that it is really hard to do.

That said, I am proud of the first few Funny Fish Comics, and I hope you like them. You will quickly notice that the artwork is terrible–but I think, and hope you will find them funny–at least Fish Funny (which barely qualifies as funny).

Funny Fish Comic 2

In case you were wondering, Will is the orange fish and Gill is the blue fish. They work in an office, like many of us do, the only difference is that they work in a fishbowl–literally. I’m also working on a few of their co-workers. Carl the clownish is in the Funny Fish Comic below.

Funny Fish picture

What do you think? Is it funny? Or am I sleep deprived? Please leave a comment and let me know–even if it is brutal, hard-to-hear honesty I will appreciate the feedback. In future posts, I’ll return to the usual content, but for now, I’m in a bit of a lighter mood–and so I will keep working at being funny. If you don’t like Will and Gill–let me know–or ignore the page–if the page is ignored enough, I’ll get the picture.

Thanks for “humor”ing me.

Written (and illustrated) by Al Ulrich

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