Finding Fish Tanks Online–A post for beginners

Finding fish tanks online–A post for beginners


These days, there are fish tanks (aquariums) to suit any room, any budget.  If you have never owned a fish tank before, do a bit of searching online to find out the right option for you.  Once you have identified where you want to keep the fish tank, I recommend you get the biggest tank that fits the space you have dedicated and fits your budget. Traditional local fish stores carry a few items, but for a broader range of fish tanks to choose from, another option is to browse available fish tanks online.  You’re likely to find just the tank.

One of the most difficult parts of selecting a fish tank online is thinking about what type of fish you wish to keep. The reason this is important is that different species of fish may require different living conditions (husbandry). Having a general sense of the type of fish you will keep will allow you to pick the perfect fish tank online, as well as the proper equipment to ensure a happy healthy environment for them.

For example, if you plan to keep freshwater goldfish, just about any light and filter will do–and you don’t even need a heater.  If, on the other hand, you plan to keep fish from warmer, tropical waters, like neon tetras and angelfish, you will need a heater.  If you hope to keep living plants, you will need a tank with an intensive light source. If you want to keep saltwater fish or corals, you will need even more specialized equipment including lights, a heater, protein skimmer and some testing equipment. 

Based on what type of fish or invertebrates (shrimp, crab, etc.) you intend to keep, be sure to read the product descriptions to find out what is included. The list of options and configurations can be confusing. Many of the most appropriate fish tanks for ordering online are plastic or acrylic–which is good because you don’t want to ship a heavy, fragile glass tank. Then, you’ll need to decide whether you are purchasing a cold water tank, to keep coldwater species like goldfish, or a tropical tank with a heater. If you are purchasing the fish tank for a child, look for one with easy access for feeding and a simple filtration system that won’t require much maintenance.  When I was a child, there weren’t as many options, but today many of the fish tanks available for kids have cartoon character or action hero themes. So much fun!!

As you can see, the options, in the digital world we live in today are nearly endless, so take some time to sit back, think about it, and do some planning. If you do, finding fish tanks online should be breeze, and your new underwater habitat will be delivered right to your door before you know it.

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