Clownfish Spawning Day Eight Pre-hatch

Here are the photos of the clownfish eggs from tonight, prior to hatch.   Larvae look highly developed through the egg casing. Amazing how strongly the eggs are attached to the glass.  Both the male and female reacted to my presence today and were thrashing about next to the nest.  The eggs could be seen rapidly swaying in the current caused by the beating of their fins.  The Yellow tang and bannerfin appear to be lurking about.  I don’t mean to project that they know what’s about to happen, but my presence followed by food, so I suspect there’s a Pavlovian-style response to my interest in the clownfish corner. Not sure if the larval snagger will work. Nervous feeling going into tonight. Hope some make it through.

Day 8: Morning of the Hatch


Day 8: Evening just before hatch

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