Clownfish Spawning Day 5

Day Five Development of Clownfish Eggs

Day Five Clownfish Egg Development

Day 5: Now, approximately 5% (or less) of the clownfish eggs have developed eyes.  As the clownfish eggs sway in the current gently, the eyes are visible in a few.  It does appear that the spawn has been thinned out a bit by the male.  Hatching should commence in about three evenings.  I set out the grow-out tub, a black round tub from a local hardware store. I have an airline and heater ready.  Just refreshed the rotifer culture last night with a dark bolus of phytoplankton (planning on a Sunday hatch).  The rotifers should be ready (enough density) by Saturday or Sunday. Haven’t decided if I’m going to try and enrich the rotifers with SELCO or just phytoplankton. I have the SELCO around, so I might as well use it.  Suppose that also depends on the timing/availability of the rotifer density and if I have the luxury of 8-12 hours to enrich them.  At this point, the feeling is anxious anticipation—Sunday can’t come quickly enough.

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