Clownfish Larvae Death

Just wanted to complete the most recent clownfish spawning blog and post the (dismal) results.  Over the first two days post-hatch (almost sounds Shakespearean…oh, no, wait, the phrase I’m thinking of is ‘post-haste’, but even if not Shakespearean, the story does end in tragedy) the handful of clownfish larvae that had made it through the first night did perish while I was at work over the next two days.  I scoured the black round tub for a good 10-15 minutes with a flashlight and found no survivors—the rotifers in the tank were doing great, but the handful of clownfish larvae were lying lifeless at the bottom, a pasty white color (in contrast to the glass-like transparent appearance  they embodied in life).  I eagerly await the start of the next clownfish spawning cycle for a chance to start over.  I wedged some tiles along the glass to try and entice them to spawn on the newly positioned (and easily removed) substrate, but they appear to have no affinity for the tiles.  A fellow reefer (TRITON from Renegade Reefers) recommended that I try using a removable piece of glass, rather than tile, since that appears to be their substrate of choice. I thought that was an excellent idea—so I will try that post-haste (couldn’t resist the Shakespearean reference, now that I’m thinking about it.).

Bottom line is this—I need to find a way to hatch the clownfish eggs separately from the display tank, without scraping them from the glass. And I need to do a better job at raising them. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted.

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