Clownfish Juveniles

Clownfish larvae in grow-out tub

Pre-meta clownfish larvae

I have to admit–I’m a superstitious guy. I was afraid to post anything about the clownfish larvae that hatched on March 23rd, but I can’t wait any longer.  The larvae hatched relatively early in the evening, and I already mentioned that the larval snagger was a success.
So, you must be wondering, how did everything go?
It has been 26 days, and things are still going well.  See for yourself:
Here is a picture of a 10 day old larvae:

Forgive the annoying reflection of my hand, and try to notice the clownfish larvae. Note: my phone was awfully close to the water there, notice the kung-fu grip on it. Sorry about that. But I did think the larvae in the photo was worth subjecting you to an  image of my knuckles.  I’ve had a lot of difficulty geting a real-live action shot of the clownfish larvae at this age–the water is so dark, the larvae are so transparent, and they move so quickly that I often struggle to get a good, crisp image. My cell phone, for whatever reason, does well in these conditions. I will learn about photography enough one day to figure this out.

Note prominent head stripe

A few days later, I managed to snap this image below. Note that the top clownfish appears to have just completed metamorphosis (or is close). He is pink, but the head stripe is only very faint.  Compare that with the clownfish at the bottom of thesame image which has a very prominent stripe on its head and a darker orange coloration.


In this third picture, you can see development of the second stripe along the mid-line. Note the food change–I was just figuring out how to grind up the flakes, and as you can probably tell, those flakes are too large for them to eat. I had to grind the flakes to a finer powder to get them to eat.

Juvenile clownfish develops second stripe

Juvenile clownfish develops second stripe












And in this last picture, taken April 12th,  20 days post-hatch, you can see the third and final stripe starting to develop on this individual.

clownfish baby displaying three stripes

Third stripe around tail


The clownfish appear to be doing well (knock-on-wood) and are eating crushed up flake food, a prepared fry powder, and pulverized mysis shrimp (freeze-dried) pretty readily. I’m still occasionally feeding the live brine shrimp, but that’s probably a crutch for me more than a necessity for them.

The next batch of clowns are on their way. The parents laid the eggs (a small clutch) on Friday, so they are due to hatch again this Friday. I hope to have the clownfish weened and moved into a tank by then. Pictures should become really easy then.



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