Clownfish juveniles eat newly hatched brine shrimp

Here is a short video of the juvenile clownfish, amphiprion ocellaris, feeding on newly hatched brine shrimp. I selected this clip, because it shows a wide range of development across the various juvenile clownfish. Front and center in the video is one of the larger, faster developing common clownfish–with a bright, dark orange body color and fully developed three stripes. In addition, you can see an individual juvenile with the characteristic black body with a single, pale head and head stripe. Throughout the clip, there are examples of common clownfish juveniles that are in between those two developmental extremes. Shortly after this video, the clownfish were weaned off of the newly hatched brine shrimp. I feed them a homemade mixture of pulverized flake and freeze dried foods (mysis, bloodworm, plankton). It took a little bit of ‘tough love’ to ween them off of the brine shrimp. After about 2 weeks of feeding both the live and dry foods together, I started replacing entire feedings with the pulverized food, and once a few brave clownfish were hungry enough to eat the prepared food, the rest quickly followed.

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