Amphiprion ocellaris clownfish breeding pattern

Clownfish Breeding Pattern

Clownfish Breeding Pattern


The breeding pattern of the two pairs of clownfish has become very regular now. Ever since the beginning of September, each pair has been spawning about every 2 weeks.


Ocellaris Clownfish Breeding Pattern Pair 1:

The Amphiprion ocellaris clownfish pair in my display tank spawned twice in March–each time on the silicone seal at the seam of the two pieces of glass near the bottom, and on the upright section of glass just above it. This is a video from youtube of a pair that looks similar to my pair spawning on a similar portion of the glass.

My first attempt to harvest the larvae was to gently scrape and tumble the eggs at hatching. My second attempt was to snag the larvae with a home-made lavaral snagger, but both attempts failed.

I tried to put a piece of glass up against their spawning site–to see if they would spawn on the new glass–but they actually abandoned that site all together, in favor of a site in the opposite corner of the tank. Spawning behavior resumed in September, with the pair laying eggs on the silicone seam and upright glass immediately above it, this time in the front-hand right of the tank. In the beginning of October, I introduced a 6-inch clay pot into their spawning territory. This time, the pair took to it, and to date have laid two clutches of eggs inside.  The angle at which the pot sits is not ideal for viewing purposes, and I actually missed the first 3+ days of their original spawn inside the pot, because the larvae were dark in color before I had even noticed them.  That is one definite drawback of the clay pot–the color so closely matches that of the eggs themselves that the eggs appear almost transparent until about day 3.  To my best estimation, the pair spawned on October 9th or 10th–because the eggs fully hatched the night of the 17th, after lights out, a full day before I was ready to pull the eggs.  The also spawned again on October 21st–so the eggs are 4 days old at the time of this writing.


Ocellaris Clownfish Breeding Pattern Pair 2:


I call the second pair of Amphiprion ocellaris clownfish, The Teenagers, since they are the younger pair and they live in the basement inside a 20 gallon high aquarium, with a Hang-on-the-Back filter (HOB Filter).  Even though the clownfish in my display tank had a head start on the spawning, this pair has really taken off and has been quite regular. They immediately adopted the (slightly smaller 4 inch) clay pot as their shelter and have spawned multiple times–most recently on September 27, October 10 and October 20.  Since the eggs were laid inside of the clay pot, they are actually the first larvae I attempted to hatch.

Despite the tremendous good fortune I have had with the spawning, I have been significantly less successful with the hatchng. As it stands now, I anticipate having rotifer/copepod/food issues shortly–but I can’t seem to even get the larvae to hatch all that well. I am hoping for a robust, healthy hatch out from each of the pairs towards the end of the week. I waited one day too long for pair 1 and was one day premature for pair 2.  If Goldie Locks taught me anything, the porridge should be just right this week. I hope. I may actually hedge my bets and pull them both on the same day–Thursday October 28–which would be Day 9 for the basement pair and Day 8 for the upstairs pair.  At this time, I plan to hatch them out into separate vessels, to avoid water quality issues if the eggs go bad without hatching again.

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