Breeding Clownfish: Egg Hatching Problems

Breeding Clownfish: Egg Hatching Problems

-A Saltwater Aquarium Blog Entry about some of the problems encountered while breeding clownfish species amphiprion ocellaris in an aquarium in my home, and some of the clownfish egg hatching problems  encountered along the way.


Breeding Clownfish: Spawning

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, the pair has laid eggs inside a small clay flowerpot.  Last night was the 8th night since the eggs were laid, so I removed the entire 4-inch clay pot (with eggs attached) into a small, black bucket I am using for hatching/grow out through metamorphosis.

However, I encountered a manual and/or technical issue with the heater in the hatch-out bucket.  The water temperature had climbed up to about 90 degrees F.  Which is way too high. I’m actually slightly ashamed that I didn’t take better care of that before it became a problem.  Most of the remaining eggs started to turn white and looked  like they may not hatch now.

Breeding Clownfish: A small success in the face of failure

Two clownfish larvae had hatched and looked healthy at this point. So the breeding attempt was successful and larvae were successfully hatched.  A nice, minor milestone, although nothing spectacular. Still getting the live cultures of phytoplankton and rotifers up and running–so at this point I’m trying to feed them ultra-fine dry prepared food and live baby brine shrimp (on a whim and a prayer). Also some copepods in the rearing vessel, but at a very low density. Hoping maybe to limp a couple through metamorphosis. We will see how it goes. Will set up larval snagger for display tank tonight.

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