Adventure Aquarium–Camden, NJ

Sawfish picture

Why is he smiling?

Took a trip this year to see Adventure Aquarium, in Camden, NJ–it was a lot of fun. A great collection of coral and fish–even hyposalinity fish (freshwater for you non-salty purists).  The walk through Shark tank is awesome. Got a great and crazy picture of a sawfish there.  Reef displays were beautiful.  Plenty of interactive displays–way cooler than when I was a kid. Touch tanks for jellyfish, starfish , dogfish and stingrays.  The museum boasts about the volume of water in displays…I wonder how many gallons of hand sanitizer they go through with all the touch tanks. It wasn’t an inexpensive trip, but it was a lot of fun. Great for fully grown or little kids.

The hippo exhibit was cool.

Camdent aquarium hippo exhibit

Larger than I expected. At some point, the hippo was so far back it was hard to see, but the African cichlids were interesting.  The penguin exhibit was disapointing. The penguins were pretty, but to see them, you awkwardly leave the building and are forced to re-enter at another point. It was like viewing a penguin in a parking lot.

All in all, I give the aquarium a big thumbs up. The fish and invertebrates were vibrant and healthy–the coral displays were large and colorful, the shark tanks were awesome. Adventure aquarium reef picture

Orange and red starfish in a touch tank

Seeing stars

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