A few fun aquarium links

A few fun aquarium links

A lot of the time I try to create blog posts that empart something I have learned about the hobby (a lot of the time through my own errors). But I think the nice Spring weather here has mellowed me out. I thought it would be fun to just share with you some of the cool content that others have created–that I have consumed over the last few days.  The first thing is a link that was sent to me by my father. It’s a 360-degree panoramic underwater view of a reef in New Caledonia, by Richard Chesher. Check out the link here:

http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2EZU2j/:[email protected]:1OggyI$F/www.360cities.net/image/symbiosis-coral-blue-lagoon-new-caledonia/

If you view the page on your iPhone or iPad, the panoramic view is interactive and intuitive. I spent way too much time looking at these here.

Finally, in the spirit of being helpful and having some fun, I thought I’d share this YouTube video that I found. The author takes you through a quick, but informative photography lesson and then shows you how to take cool pictures of your aquarium.  Enjoy.

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